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Macalline will start "tianjin intelligent LED expo center" project
Click:7548 Date:2012-9-4 15:48:07

A few days ago, tianjin modern intelligent LED lighting business projects, tianjin intelligent LED expo center in formal macalline world expo household tianjin toray market.

As the nation's first modern intelligent LED lighting trade service projects, tianjin intelligent LED expo center abandon traditional small building materials market management mode, explore LED professional market operation mode, set ten big functional service platform in order to macalline tianjin toray stores realize lighting industry chain fusion. Tianjin intelligent LED expo center in order to participate in the new round of lighting industry development, the macalline support, the investment large amount of money to forge a tianjin and north China famous LED intelligent demonstration center and LED trading center.

It is reported, this project planning layer 2 lighting procurement operations, planning more than 40 berth, 6000 square meters. Attract north grams, huayi, kaiyuan, treasure fai, amounting to, product source and other high-end brand characteristics. Intelligent LED lighting expo center, located in the mall three layer, the business area of 6000 square meters, attract philips, osram, history ford, GE, three Ann, samsung, rohm, and other enterprises. Intelligence lives in household experience key arrangement ABB, crestron, schneider, panasonic and other international brands in priority. A modern LED lighting trade services for positioning, innovation equipped with ten major function of the operation mode will also appeared.

According to the chief introduction: tianjin intelligent LED expo center of tianjin as a key propulsion "low carbon economic trade service area", is macalline the MILL the LED lighting industry first advanced business service platform, with simple trading market transformation and upgrade for functional service platform. Will attract international and domestic a line brand and the quality manufacturers, distributors assigned, will be formed a technology research and development, marketing, engineering business as the main function of the complete industry chain, in the lighting industry has a strong influence. At the same time introduce research and development design, authority detection, the intellectual property rights transactions, financial service, talent service agencies and provide professional trade circulation, information exchange, exhibition, business ideas, network transaction services, aimed at the LED lighting industry chain the links to service facilities, develop new industrial development mode

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