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LED lamps the whole lamp aging test method
Click:6508 Date:2012-10-24 9:39:06

Aging of the LED lamps, also known as LED lamps light fades

Usually the calculation work of formula N hours of light decay = 1 - (N-hours of luminous flux / 0 hour flux)

  In the concrete practice of the operation are generally measured two weeks or 1000 hours doing physical inferences based on test data under normal circumstances, the rated working voltage lit LED the small power 20MA, high-power 1W is 350MA 3W is 700MA, the parameters measured period of time to see the light, according to these, to infer the life of the LED. Some manufacturers compression test time, increase the current point, there are some businesses that made ​​the finished lamps, the overall test, these are all depending on the circumstances. The easiest way is to do a frame connected to a power source, can test can lighting on the line.
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