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866 type high speed light machine BIN BIN table case you table is a requirement for testing when the spectral requirements? Or spectral software are you doing now??

If testing is to: VF: 3.0-3.6 IV: WD 4000-8000:460-470 blue light, for example

You open the light sample software, to create a new file,

Set spectral parameters: voltage of 3.0-3.2-3.2-3.6 V, the brightness to 4000-6000-8000 MCD, wavelength 460-463-466-463-472 nm,

The machine Settings, the lowest 3.0 maximum input voltage of 3.6 voltage input, interval of 0.2

Brightness enter up to 6000, 4000 by 4000

Wavelength input 460 up to 472, the interval of 3

To generate spectral table, look at the inside of the BIN request, see if it's all right,

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