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The spectrophotometric machine workflow
Click:4208 Date:2012-3-27 11:30:09
The system uses PLC to achieve a simple touch interface and human-machine interface,easy-to-agency control, automatic classification of machine automation developed forthe TOP View SMD LEDs, the use of advanced technology and a more stabletransmission mechanism, with the Companythe R & D test equipment, more stable andmake the test results correctly and quickly. The system architecture is the circularvibration plate and parallel to the oscillation orbit is responsible for feeding the LED tothe turntable to the nozzle, through the measurement of optical and electrical propertiesof the test station, the system will be based on test results of the measurementinstrument, through the sub-feed mechanism LED to send to their blanking box. The color LCD touch control panel, real-time monitoring of all states of the system, and with red, yellow, green tri-color LED display of machine operation. Feeders can replace therelevant fixture and the original level shock to test materials of different model specifications.

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