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LED and LCD respectively
Click:6586 Date:2012-3-27 11:34:36
How to buy flat panel TVs. We watch TV is basically a TV picture tube (CRT), Subsequently, the rear projection
Now go to the store to see the world of flat-panel TVs, following explain how to choose a flat panel TV: a TV decision is placed
Put the location, such as living room or bedroom, is generally placed in the living room TV in terms of size than the bedroom, of course, personal hobby
Different, if you have the TV now for update purposes, and that the principle of selection of a minimum size, for example to see the original 29 inch,
Can choose greater than or equal to 32-inch to see the original 34 inch, you can choose greater than or equal to 37 inches, and so on, of course, personal preferences
, Why did you choose than ever before, it is because the original TV is 4:3, close to the square, now 16:9, elongated
Square, so the visual difference. 2, the flat-panel TV market, two kinds of type, a liquid crystal (LCD), one is
Ions (PDP), of course, now there is a LED (just started, technology is not mature, the fish price is not high, so
Except here, and the trend of LED OLEDs). Is to choose LCD or plasma then? There are principles: experts see the plasma,
Outsiders LCD; the big screen to see such as ions, small size to see the LCD; dynamic look at plasma, static look at the LCD. For this principle should also dialectical
To look at plasma and LCD imaging principle, structure is also different, so the two there are congenital differences, from a technical data
Parameters, the plasma is slightly better than LCD, 2 who is different, it is difficult to say which is better or worse, following on the LCD to select several heavy
To parameter analysis: A resolution for the domestic market is concerned, there are two kinds of resolution 1366 * 768 is called standard definition (national standard
720) 1920 * 1080 is called full HD, to see the TV program and DVD, that standard definition is enough, I see the BD Blu-ray
Class, it is necessary to full HD, of course, step directly on the Full HD is that the cost to be the high point. Now there is a full HD
Called 1080P/24P for film in terms of, that is used to view the video smoother. B-speed technology, double speed to reach 100HZ (PAL
Standard when 50HZ), four-speed reaches 200HZ means that the image processing more fast and smooth picture, but the human eye 24HZ, so
Do not over-the pursuit of this parameter. C backlight, the original 3-color backlight is red, green and blue, 4-color plus a dark red color
The color reproduction is more natural. D, 10bit LCD driver, the original 8bit. Response speed in milliseconds, the national standard is less than
Products now in 20 milliseconds, 6 milliseconds or 4 milliseconds, the lower the number the better, but these data to establish the experimental data in the factory, the actual
Will be greater than this value, slow response, will produce smearing resolve this situation can reduce the speed of response, the use of speed technology
Surgery, with a hard screen (most manufacturers use a soft screen, do not over-emphasize the soft and hard screen, good or bad) way to solve. F, the other parameters of various
Such as dual-screen, surround sound, the output and input interface can be selected according to their needs. Be easier to speak about such as ion:

Factors in the plasma manufacturing, generally speaking, etc. ions are large-screen, that resolution can be directly selected Full HD, and plasma almost
Smearing burning screen phenomenon has been greatly reduced as technology advances, life expectancy and LCD and soft colors
, Layering, look at the best dynamics, the LCD is colorful. For our people, are an outsider, eyes of intuition is the effect of
, But the eyes will deceive ourselves. TV's main function is to watch TV, there is in addition to watching TV to see the DVD player, in general, customer
Hall will be placed in the home theater, so that the size of the living room TV In addition to television programs to watch a DVD, so I suggest that the living room
Placed in plasma, bedrooms Select the LCD size or personal preference-based, resolution to see the use, speed, 4-color backlight best
Response rate as small as possible. Selected LCD preferred Sharp class, followed by Sony, on the grounds Sharp LCD, Sony's image processing technology
Better. Election and plasma, the preferred Panasonic, followed by Hitachi. This is closely related with the accuracy of the material, select the sorting machines Taping machines and other materials packaging equipment also need to choose a high quality.
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