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The spectrophotometric materials SMD LED sorting machines often applicable
Click:4153 Date:2012-3-27 12:52:31
0603/0805/1210/5050 is LED sorting machines spectroscopic models 0603:Conversion to metric, 1005, said the length of the LED components is 1.00MM, width0.5MM industry referred to 1005 0805: conversion to metric, 2125, saidthe length of theLED components is 2.00MM, width is 1.25MM, industry referred to 21,250,603:conversion to metric is 3528, indicating that the length of the LED components is 3.5MM, width 2.8MM, industry referred 35,285,050: This is a metric called, indicating thatthe length of the LED components is 5.00MM, width is 5.00MM, industry referred to as the5050
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