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FAQ for Led
Click:4188 Date:2012-4-11 14:17:49

Novices are generally face the following problems:

1, how to detect the LED lamp light and how to detect the driving power of life, need to use what instrument? If not, how should solve?

In 2, LED lamp power is calculated? What is the formula?

In 3, the size of the resistance power to play what role?

4, how to detect LED beads will die leakage, light etc.. With what equipment?

Match methylene blue solution:

1.LED light first measure the luminance, aging after the measured brightness, contrast two brightness value, can calculate the decay rate, using the LED tester or illuminance meter and DC power supply can be measured. No words can buy.

The 2 power = voltage current ( current units need to be converted into Ampere)

The 3resistor power needs and circuit using power match, if the circuit of high power, small power of resistance, resistance to burn.

The 4.LED leakage can be detected by LED detector for reverse current, can also be used for DC power supply with a microampere stage current meter, test reverse voltage state, there is no current through, general reverse voltage5-7V, no reverse current of OK, reverse current more than 1uA for leakage, the industry is generally not more than 10uA  is OK.

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