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the13th characteristics of LED machine
Click:4518 Date:2012-4-11 14:20:07

1, which can measure the wavelength lambda =200 ~ 1100nm, light intensity of Iv =0 ~ 100000mcd CIE optic function detector;

2, using a unique white light measuring method and optical device, more advanced white color separation technology;

3, can test a total of yin or a total of any package, single crystal, single foot feet twinning, tripod twin Wafer, S or Lamp package, can test the infrared transmitting tube and a receiving tube;

4, measurement standards can be traced back to the CIE127-1997, Instrument Systems, NIST and Keithley;

In 5, choice of integrating sphere, light detector or visual function spectrometer and optical measurement sensing device;

6, real-time CIE coordinates and point display;

In 7, the 16constant current constant voltage source and a digital measurement meter resolution;

In 8, the electrical measuring circuit using the method of Kelvin, can avoid the contact resistance and the measurement error caused by resistance wire;

In 9, the perfect print statements and data statistics system;

In 10, a full range of LED test system solutions, using a PC-based device, to provide fast and flexible automatic test and human-computer interaction interface;

11, the user can arbitrarily defined voltage value of the current source, the test items of the upper and lower limits of arbitrary arrangement, measuring the value of the output of BIN bits;

12, fast classification setting function.

13, analysis of blue and yellow phosphor wavelength light coordinate position.

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