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What is the led row measuring machine
Click:4468 Date:2012-4-16 10:00:46

   What is the Led row measuring machineSaid principle may be that you do not know,said useyou can understandMany people decorated room, like the choice of ledenergy saving lampsThese lamps in the manufacturing process to detect for them to see if the technical requirementsand to some indicators of substandard products in a timely manner to adjust the trimto improve the yieldThe time of detectionit isnecessary to use Led row test machine.
    Led row test machine detection with high detection efficiencyspeed and featuresThe present invention using the following technologiesLED row measured, including therack, trackrack-mounted integrating sphereand out along the orbital motion and theintegrating sphere below the fixturecharacterized in that said fixture top system forpositioning the LED plate with the diethe die vertical positioning of a probe connectedwith the LED power LED plateeach probe corresponds to LED one touch foot contact pressure connectionthe die two side, respectively, have the entrapment LED plate withthe jaws.

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