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led by machine - Hangzhou, Race Blue Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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First, what is led by machine
Led lights beautiful bright colors is the first choice of the city and home decoration in themanufacturing process of led lamps, were identified by their color. Such as white, whiteblue, white reddish, different separate sorting machines, which led the sorting machines.
Two, the type of LED sorting machines
LAMP LED (line) sorting machines; SMD LED (SMD) sorting machines; feet single crystal high-power LED sorting machines, feet twins, three-legged double-crystal, Φ3 Φ5,Φ8, Φ10 round, bullet head the spectrophotometric materials LED chip lights of SMDLED Third, spectrophotometry machine often applicable
0603/0805/1210/5050 is LED sorting machines spectroscopic models 0603:Conversion to metric, 1005, said the length of the LED components is 1.00MM, width0.5MM industry referred to 1005 0805: conversion to metric, 2125, said the length of theLED components is 2.00MM, width is 1.25MM, industry referred to 21,250,603:conversion to metric is 3528, indicating that the length of the LED components is 3.5MM, width 2.8MM, industry referred 35,285,050: This is a metric called, indicating that the length of the LED components is 5.00MM, width is 5.00MM, industry referred to as the5050
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