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The LEDs Why spectrophotocolorimeter detection
Click:4129 Date:2012-4-16 13:52:37

     Led light on the led chip, led chip at the factory when the rated voltage segment (for example, this group is 3.0-3.2V range), led the band range (for example, this group are 455-460 range interval) to packaging, customer requirements are often more stringent than the lED chip factory settings, so this must be spectrophotocolorimeter to ensure that customers get hands are very similar products, so as not to cause customers to do it the differences between the products led lamp beads. The color separation is necessary to use led sorting machines
     Small white LED lights in the factory to go through the spectral color separation (not some issued the spectrophotocolorimeter LED light is white, some blue, some yellow), the spectral separation device is expensive, in general plants are not the kinds of equipment, the production of white to get the manufacturers spectrophotocolorimeter, not factory product, the color separation would not be so careful. Some small plants can not be bothered Spectrophotometer. They are generally at low prices to pull customers. Not to indulge in the purchase of white LED freeloaders, be sure to purchase the same manufacturer, the same batch, the same color LED light pipe single particle light, or module to produce the luminous words of the same batch.
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