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Jiayuguan is to create the Northwest photoelectric base, will introduce the outstanding manufacturers settled
Click:4194 Date:2012-4-18 10:52:49
     Into the Jiayuguan, excavators keep dancing giant shovel, copper door ready to create the Northwest photoelectric base. Later there will be a lot of good led manufacturer, led testing equipment manufacturers stay. The Jiayuguan people did not live up to the "Sunshine" and "blessing". Today, the completion of the largest investment in domestic solar photovoltaic demonstration project Huadian Jiayuguan a 10 MW photovoltaic project to the grid successfully, with a total investment of $ 400 million two, three photovoltaic power generation project is being constructed that will completion of the construction and power generation during the year. Standardization of plant, of neat appearance and a wide and flat plant Avenue, the smooth progress of the photoelectric project ... people feel the booming trend of the the Jiayuguan photovoltaic power generation industry. Before the orderly rows of solar PV panels, the Mayor of Jiayuguan City, the Grope told reporters Jiayuguan City as an opportunity to study and implement the "July" important speech of General Secretary Hu Jintao, close to reality, to clean energy and low-carbon economic development goals, make full use of local advantages and strive to build a new energy base, the transformation of economic development for the Jiayuguan City, adjust the industrial structure, "12" leapfrog development goals inject new vitality. The reporter was informed that Jiayuguan city government has signed an agreement with China Huadian Group, China Huadian Group 5-7 years, a total investment of 26 billion one hundred million yuan of -300, one after another to build photovoltaic power plants, solar thermal power generation, distributed energyphotovoltaic equipment manufacturing projects, to build photovoltaic, solar thermal power base. Jiayuguan City of Industry and Information Commission director Hou said very little Jiayuguan City cloudiness and rainfall, atmospheric transparency, long duration of sunshine, very suitable for the development of photovoltaic power plants. 10 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation projects to the grid indicates that the the Jiayuguan development of alternative industries to create new energy base has made important progress on optimizing the economic structure, promoting sustainable development of great significance. Hou Qiang come up with a material and two in the construction of photovoltaic power generation project, planning a total area of ​​10 square kilometers.Vigorously support the Jiayuguan governments at all levels of photovoltaic power generation projects, the commitment to provide various preferential policies and convenient conditions for the full support of the photovoltaic power generation projects.Hou Qiang, said recently, Jiayuguan City, and Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd. carried out the project contract, the company will invest over 70 billion in the next four years, 500 MW of photovoltaic power plant in Jiayuguan construction. After the completion of the project each year to provide electricity for the grid 750 million kwh, annual savings of nearly 30 million tons of standard coal, has a good environmental and social benefits. Jiayuguan City in advance this year, aerospace, mechanical and electrical plans to invest 450 million yuan to complete the construction of 30 MW solar PV power plant. Jiayuguan is stepping up the construction of 3 million tons of ferroalloy project, the JISCO stainless steel project in a stage of rapid development, the aluminum and the follow-up project will be launched, the demand for electricity will continue to be enhanced. The vigorous development of the optoelectronics industry provide a strong impetus for the the Jiayuguan economic development. Do not will be led manufacturers emerged in a number of competitive

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