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Large-scale adoption of LED lighting applications.
Click:3834 Date:2012-4-18 11:02:10
 LED technology-driven embodiescontinuous improvement in its luminous efficiency is now fully beyond the traditional lightsource, In addition, the the lumen costs continued to decline, the average annual declineof 28%, which led to new demands emerging lighting applications are currently open.LED lighting long critical point due to the lighting, electricity and price changes, the fieldof domestic indoor lighting light more than four hours a day occasions, with the economy, which will cover most of the business, factories, office lighting, in addition, outdoor Thelighting is also being started.

2012 will be a crucial year of the popularity of LED lighting, the mass market is open.2012 is the key to global incandescent disabled, years, high-end demand will translate directly into the LED bulb, downlight demand; domestic lighting subsidy policy has been launched, local support policies have been introduced, to create a good demandenvironment; since early 2012 mitigation of the LED chip prices fell trend watchersbegan to sell the purchase of LED products, external economic recovery, the lightingneeds from overseas began to emerge. LED Engineering predicted that the domesticLED indoor lighting market of 2012-13 will be increased by 65% and 59%, 2012-13, the domestic LED Outdoor functional lighting market will grow by 50% and 31% (street light,tunnel light to grow faster ).

Capacity is relatively too dead to focus on middle and lower reaches of the field. TheLED industry has shown the overall capacity of the corpse which the epitaxial silicon and sapphire is particularly serious. The 2011 net increase of the epitaxial field Number of units to 476 units, the total reached 803 units, an estimate of about 50% of the starting rate of the machine by the end of 2011. Applications and package production capacitysurplus is expected in the first half of 2012 will gradually ease, and renders thedifferentiation advantage of the lighting package production capacity is relatively tight;epitaxial silicon production capacity surplus is expected to ease the end of 2012.

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