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Influence of factors led lamp life
Click:5636 Date:2012-4-19 11:06:01

A, heat dissipation

The quantity of heat that led lamp affect not only accumulated led electrical properties, may eventually lead to failure led. Therefore, in order to ensure the life of led lights, heat dissipation become white led application of a key technology, reduce or quickly led heat generation of dissipative become white led in application to the design of the primary issue.
Second, light source material
LED to belong to patch the light source, if use of poor LED, then LED in the process of operation will release a lot of heat, make the tube core junction temperature rising rapidly, LED the higher power, the greater the heating effect. LED chips will result in the increase of temperature shine the performance of the devices change and lightning conversion efficiency attenuation, serious when even failure.

Three, driving power supply

Led the quality of power supply directly restricts the reliability of led products, therefore, the international market to foreign customers led drive power efficiency conversion, effective power, constant current accuracy, power supply, service life, the requirements of the electromagnetic compatibility is very high, because the power in the whole the role of lamps like like the person's heart just as important.

Four, drive current

The current limit parameters in LED within the scope of the greater the current flows through LED, its brightness shine more gao. That is the brightness and it LED the work is proportional to the current. But if through the current limit parameter LED beyond the scope, the LED will appear saturated, make not only the luminous efficiency greatly reduced, and the service life will also reduced

Five, light distribution processing

LED is a directional point light source, how to creative application LED this characteristic, create a comfortable light environment is LED lighting learn design technology core. Led light source itself usually have lens or transmission materials, used to improve the efficiency of light shot, at the same time satisfy the light about 120 degrees out with the light distribution, commonly known as a optical design. But in order to meet the diverse needs of indoor lighting, need the light according to need to redistribute, the approach will be LED the light of the two times, distribution, in order to achieve the light of the comfortable environment, is also the important factors affect LED quality. This can be through the led testing instrument < http://www.semilamp.com > testing.

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