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Led development face of obstacles
Click:3884 Date:2012-4-19 11:09:13

In recent years, LED the market whether investment operation, or later are to make people teeters on the market, the present situation is not very optimistic. It also let led testing instrument < http://www.semilamp.com > market is not significant. In 2012, with outdoor policy will undoubtedly around in a low carbon economy development, and promoting advanced culture, constructing the harmonious outdoor practice implementation such as above, high energy consumption, and low efficiency, and carry secretly is worn light pollution and high operating costs led to be?

ShangPu consulting electronic industry analysts pointed out that in power failures, high operating costs multiple pressure, led profit and almost fell to the added value of the freezing point, many companies are forced to enter shuffle, and integrate the stage, how many operators lose everything, after the 2011 after the integration, shuffle, baimiao investment and management then tend to be rational, in order to adapt to the market development, deepen the media value, led by a need to open up a road of the pioneer of value, in response to outdoor advertising future development of variables.

At present, outdoor led development faces three big obstacles. They are power failures, high operating costs and later investment promotion difficult. Although, most of the DaBing operators survived 2011 years of power failures crisis, however, traditional led in energy consumption has no made substantial breakthrough, in power failures did not spread haze, investment profit mystifying, operating costs have climbed successively and background, led big age should after how to deal with? Outdoor led can profit the the key factor is late operation and investment promotion. And low carbon energy saving two sides turn the LED display build outdoor media value the emergence of new concept for LED development has brought new opportunities.

According to ShangPu consulting issued in the 2012-2016 year China semiconductor lighting (led) market investigation and analysis of the research report "shows: two sides turn the led display with low energy consumption and high yields a lot of advantage such as user for savings, the user in investment promotion pricing on more flexible; No air conditioning and need specialist, saving the operation cost, so as to ensure maximum profit space; Unit modular design easy to maintain, no regular cleaning. Gold's turned on both sides of the led display also has strong wind structure, strong winds from three prism aperture and shutter type backplane of the patent design through, the greatest degree reduce wind resistance, ensure the safety of the high altitude. The novel form, low operating costs, the quality of the rock if Kennedy, and the user in investment promotion strategies more flexible, and to meet its own profit demand at the same time, better safeguard the interests of the advertisers, realizing multi-win-win situation the good cooperation of the situation.

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