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2012 China LED ShangZhongYou industry general meeting will be held on July 26, held in yangzhou
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China's national semiconductor lighting engineering and industrial union (CSA) will hand in hand to the people's government of yangzhou city on July 26,, in yangzhou common hold "2012 China (yangzhou) LED ShangZhongYou industry congress".

The meeting by national semiconductor lighting engineering and industrial union (CSA), sponsored by the people's government of yangzhou city, jiangsu province, the economic and technology development zone the ac, Beijing science and technology to promote the semiconductor center, yangzhou zhongke semiconductor lighting Co., LTD and co-organized to July 26 opening for two days, aims to help ShangZhongYou LED manufacturers seeking resources, strengthen the linkage between enterprises, segments of the market, promote the upstream and downstream between industry, between enterprise and the precise docking, avoid to "win in technology, lost in the business of risk in order to realize the LED on middle and lower reaches of the industry and supporting resources integration.

During the conference, from LED denotation, and chip and packaging process related industry (raw materials, process equipment, testing instruments, etc) manufacturers, distributors, purchaser; LED lighting applications key downstream firms; Construction, municipal engineering, transportation etc by the competent government agency; Education, research and development institutions; Investment and financing, organization of consultation; Association, learn to representatives from all circles such as from the market, policy, capital and technology multiple levels, and discusses the future of the company ShangZhongYou LED the road of development and strategies, and at the same time, through the related technical exchanges, the transfer of technology and patent authorization, new product launches and high-quality goods display activities will contribute to reach a batch of enterprise cooperation.

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